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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Allihies, Saturday Night

by Noel Shine and Mary Greene
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The midnight revelers gathered at O'Neill's pub in Allihies had been "drowning the shamrock" for hours, when I snapped this shot of Noel Shine and Mary Greene, who were charged with entertaining the boisterous crowd Feb. 11. Talking to them during a brief break, I discovered the couple had played McGurk's pub in St. Louis about 10 years ago and knew several local musicians with whom I, too, am acquainted.

On this night, a group of young French co-eds joined the locals in the craic, dancing to Shine and Greene's country and rock covers. One of the women was ostenibly researching the similarities between traditional Norman cultures of the north of France and West Cork on a Saturday night.

Viva la difference!

Greene bought the old Martin guitar she is playing from St. Louis fiddler Marc Rennard.


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